Student Perceives Brick Campaign as Way to Connect

Semester 2 student Noah Saldo poses with a sample of the new commemorative bricks. His will be an 8’x8′ and include his favorite bible passage.

Semester 2 student Noah Saldo feels it is a simple decision – one that he urges other CCMS students and alumni to join him in. He says he purchased one of the commemorative bricks ‘because it seems like the perfect way to both recognize my time as a student and to also be part of the future of the school.”

For him, it is an investment – a permanent way to stay part of CCMS, even once he’s graduated. “I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and am learning so much, yet I also want to support the new Educational Cremation Center as that will be a huge opportunity for future students,” he explains.

A path of engraved bricks will serve as the entryway for the college’s new
Educational Cremation Center, linking the current building to the state-of-the-art learning facility. According to CCMS President Jack Lechner, “The path connects the past to our future – a way to salute the past, preserve the present and ignite the future.”

The quote Noah chose for his brick provides another connection. He states, “I selected the Scripture passage from Matthew 5:4, which is ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.’  My Dad is a pastor, so that passage always meant a lot to me; it was really what sparked my interest in the death care profession. And it speaks to me because the comforting is exactly what we try to do to help those we serve. It’s a reminder and an inspiration.”

Noah, who enrolled at CCMS because “this is the best college with the best reputation,” has most enjoyed learning the history and progression of the profession. “I’m from a small, rural portion of North Carolina, so being here in Cincinnati has been a great experience! The history is fascinating, from how ancient Egyptians did things compared to more recently. And I like hearing the different perspectives, such as how different religious denominations handle funerals, and how things are done differently up North than from what I’ve seen at home.”

The commemorative bricks are a great way to honor a significant individual – such as celebrating one’s year of graduation, recognizing a favorite teacher, or to show gratitude to someone who has made a difference in your life. It’s a perfect way to create a legacy or to acknowledge someone. The $100 cost includes the brick and 3 lines of permanent engraving; other sizes of bricks and memorialization are available at extra cost. The brick purchase is tax deductible and all proceeds support the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. Click here to be part of the “Pathways to the Future” brick campaign.

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