What to Expect at Orientation

Class Registration
The Registrar will enroll you in semester I classes during orientation. Be sure to submit your completed COURSE REGISTRATION SEMESTER I form (included in your Student Enrollment Guide) before Orientation. Note: the Registrar will also register you for all subsequent semesters. 

Class schedule
You will receive your official class schedule at Orientation. If you are starting in the Spring (January), your classes will be in the afternoon, with one day of morning lab per week. If you are starting in the Fall (August), your classes will be in the morning, with one day of afternoon lab per week. See sample class schedules.

Student Email & Populi Accounts
Each student is assigned a CCMS email account and a Populi account. Populi is an online system that students use to access course materials, check grades, search the library catalog, complete course evaluations, etc. At orientation, you will receive information about your email and Populi accounts and will be able to receive technical assistance if needed.

Student ID
We will take a photo of you for your student ID. You will receive your student ID a few weeks into Semester I.

Assignment of Clinical Lab and Library orientation dates
In addition to general Orientation, each student is required to attend two additional Orientation sessions – one for Clinical Lab and one for Library. These orientation sessions will take place during the first week of class.

  • You will receive your lab Orientation date at the end of general Orientation
  • You will receive your library Orientation date via your student email account after general Orientation

Campus tour
Students will be given a thorough tour of the campus and receive information about parking, evacuation routes, etc.

Important information
You’ll receive important information including, but not limited to:

  • Your Semester I schedule
  • Your clinical lab schedule
  • Your clinical lab orientation date
  • Your library orientation date
  • Populi
  • Email account
  • Financial aid and billing
  • Student organizations
  • Textbooks
  • Safety and emergency closings