Faces of CCMS

Hear from Our Students and Alumni

Chad Pemberton: CCMS Student

Chad discusses the family atmosphere at CCMS and his experience interacting with the faculty.

Mike Ryan: CCMS Alumnus

As a first generation funeral director, Mike shares his background with CCMS. The clinical aspect and connections at CCMS are what brought him to choose this school.

Joe Mason: CCMS Student

Joe talks about his experience coming to CCMS. He advises others to talk to professionals in the field to get a better understanding if mortuary science is the right path for you.

Andria Schrock: CCMS Alumna

Andria shares her story about being a first generation mortuary science professional. Her advice: Come visit the school.

Beth Markland: CCMS Student

Beth comes from a funeral background. She points out that no matter what your background in mortuary sciences is, CCMS is a good fit.

Mika Ziv: CCMS Student

Mika talks about the rewarding aspects of mortuary science and she gives insight into how this profession serves the community.