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Tuition Costs & Fees

Mortuary school costs can vary depending upon the program you enroll in and the required textbooks and additional fees. At CCMS, our tuition costs for mortuary school at a set rate per semester credit hour. Mortician school costs can vary depending upon the institution. Rather than comparing the total cost of a program when comparing schools, we recommend looking at the quality of education and the opportunities available to you.

Attending mortuary school is an investment in your future. If you are unable to cover the costs of your studies, there are several financial aid or scholarship options available to you.

Below we have outlined the tuition costs for mortuary school and additional fees required to enroll at CCMS. We recommend reviewing all of the information provided below to ensure you are aware of the financial obligation and payment schedule that has been set.

When you attend CCMS, you will be glad to know that you are receiving a world-class education at an incredible value. Payments of tuition and fees must be made in accordance with our policy before you can complete your registration.

For more information on CCMS’ mortuary school tuition and fees, as well as answers to any questions you may have, please review the information below or visit one of the links located in the menu to the left of the screen.

If you have any other questions about our mortuary school costs, please contact our admissions office for assistance.

mortician school costs

Effective Fall Semester 2018


Rate per semester credit hour – $395

Fees & Supplies

When budgeting, students should consider other miscellaneous expenses not included in the fee schedule, such as restorative art cosmetics, tools, and accessories.

General Fee*
Semesters I-III -  $500

General Fee*
Semester IV -  $300

Clinical Lab Fee
Semesters I-III - $150

Anatomy Lab Fee
Semester IV - $150

Restorative Art Kit
Semester II – $150

*The General Fee covers student expenses including, but not limited to, personal protective equipment, crematory operator certification, national board examinations, comprehensive examination, celebrant training, technology, administrative function, parking, and graduation packages.

Special fees

Special fees are assessed only where applicable.

  • Transcripts (per copy, Official or Unofficial) $10
  • Duplicate Diploma (per copy, Official or Unofficial) $10
  • Course Audit Fee (per credit hour) $75
  • Late Tuition Payment Fee (assessed per week after 3 weeks delinquent) $25

mortician school costs


Both the A.A.S. & B.M.S. academic programs require the use of specific college textbooks. An itemized listing by term is available on the Textbooks webpage or by contacting the College. Cost will vary based on purchase preferences. Below is an estimate of textbook expense based on Academic Program:

Associate of Applied Science Program (Sem. I-III)                          Textbook estimate: $1,500

Bachelor of Mortuary Science Program (Sem. I-IV)                         Textbook estimate: $1,600

Tuition Payment & Refund

Tuition Payment

Tuition and fees are invoiced each term through the student’s account and are payable by the third week of each semester. Students receiving financial aid should work directly with the college Bursar. As awards are granted and applied, an updated account statement will be provided to the student electronically. Updated account statements will reflect applied credits and account balances. The CCMS Bursar is available to consult with you in person, by email, or by phone. Students will also work directly with a FAFSA Advisor who specializes in student aid.

Students may pay by check, cash, money order, Debit or Credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

CCMS reserves the right to charge 1.5%/month interest on all unpaid balances once a student is officially withdrawn from the College.

Tuition Refund

Students who withdraw from CCMS will be refunded tuition based on the Tuition Refund Policy as seen in the following table:

Withdrawal within 1st calendar week100% refund
Withdrawal within 2nd calendar week50% refund
Withdrawal within 3rd calendar week25% refund
Withdrawal within and after 4th calendar week0% refund

November 2013 - the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science transitioned to Semester terms by unanimous approval of the Board of Trustees. Tuition for students enrolling January 2014 and subsequent is assessed per semester credit hour at the rate seen in this schedule. Tuition rates and fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees and are applicable to current and new enrollment unless otherwise specified. Official registration in a CCMS academic program includes, as a condition, the payment of tuition and applicable fees.

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