Co-op Preceptor Options

Use your experience to contribute to student learning and growth as a Preceptor in our Co-op program.  Our Co-op Coordinator will work directly with you to select a student to work within your funeral home, under your guidance, to complete their academic requirements.

What is CCMS Co-op?

The Funeral Service Co-op (part of the Semester IV BMS curriculum) provides six weeks of practical experience in an off-campus funeral home setting, under the guidance of a licensed funeral professional (referred to as the “Preceptor”). Students participate in removals, preparations, dressing and casketing, arrangements, visitations, funerals, and office procedures. The student, the funeral home, and the college enter into a tri-party relationship in which each accepts responsibility for the co-op experience. The goal of this relationship is to provide the student an opportunity, under academic supervision, to participate in the actual practice of funeral service.

Co-op students should anticipate working approximately 30 hours per week in their assigned funeral home.  As a requirement of the curriculum, students earn 6 credit hours towards their bachelor program requirements upon successful completion. Students do not receive financial compensation during co-op.

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