Courtesy Cards and Reciprocity

Reciprocal License
In today’s mobile society, many licensed professionals deem it beneficial to transfer their licenses when they relocate or opt to work primarily in a nearby bordering state.  Qualified practitioners who have satisfied fundamental requirements when obtaining initial licensing should have the ability to apply for reciprocal licenses. Reciprocation requirements vary by state but may include application, payment of fees on a renewing basis, and passing of a state laws exam.

Ohio Revised Code governing reciprocal funeral director licenses

Courtesy Cards
A courtesy card only allows you to perform the duties of a funeral director, such as transporting the deceased across state lines and conducting funerals in the state in which a courtesy card has been issued. Courtesy Cards do not permit a practitioner to embalm in that state. You  must also be licensed and work in a bordering state. Unlike regular or reciprocal licenses, you are not required to take an exam for this registration. Check your state requirements for specifics.

OFDA News – Courtesy Cards (OH, IN, KY, WV, IN)

Ohio Revised Code governing Courtesy Cards