Co-op & Apprenticeship

Funeral Service Co-op

Funeral Service Co-op (MGT444) is a 6-week CCMS course taken by BMS students in Semester IV. The course is designed to give students practical experience in a funeral home environment under the direction and supervision of a licensed funeral director (known as a “preceptor”).

The CCMS Co-op Coordinator facilitates student placement within a funeral home. Students are required to work a structured schedule as determined by their preceptor, which consists of approximately 30 hours per week. As Co-op is a required course in the BMS program, students earn credit hours toward their degree, rather than earning wages for their time.


Apprenticeship is independent of the CCMS curriculum and can occur before, after, or in lieu of college-level mortuary education, based on state requirements. Different geographic regions may refer to apprenticeship by an entirely different name (e.g. internship or training). Requirements are state mandated and vary,  making it imperative that each student know their state specific requirements. Students are strongly encourage to frequent their state licensing board website for requirements.

In Ohio, apprenticeship is the period of time spent training as an apprentice funeral director/embalmer under the direction and responsibility of a specially trained licensed funeral director (referred to as a “Master Funeral Director”) and typically occurs after the completion of education requirements.

The responsibility of securing and registering an apprenticeship is ultimately the responsibility of the student, though we are available as a resource to offer assistance as needed. Students are encouraged to visit the job seeker resources page of our website for assistance.  Ohio apprentices may find information by visiting the following BoardDocs link Ohio Apprentice Certification and Application (or visit BoardDocs > Click Library >> Scroll down until  you find Apprentice Application to Register, which will link to the application and instructions).

Disclaimer: It is in your best interest to check your state board website regularly for changes and updates, as CCMS does not accept liability for notifying students of changes to regulations and requirements.