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The Student Resources section of our website is your hub for nearly everything you'll need during your time as a student at CCMS. 


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National Board Exam

The CCMS library has resources to help you prepare for the NBE (and for the Comprehensive Exam). CCMS also offers a reimbursement of NBE fees for first time passing of both the Arts and Science sections (see Policy and Form below.)

Purchase National Board Exam Study Guide (published by The Conference)

About the National Board Exam

CCMS NBE Fee Reimbursement Policy

CCMS NBE Fee Reimbursement Request Form


Licensing Requirements

Students should be well versed in their particular state licensing requirements. Requirements will vary and are mandated by a state licensing board and/or state law. See licensing requirements by state, courtesy of the National Funeral Director’s Association.

CCMS does not provide specific state licensing requirements to students, rather it is obtained through each state’s licensing board (refer to the above licensing requirements link.) Students are responsible for knowing and keeping current on requirements.  It is strongly recommended that students frequently visiting their state licensing board website and direct all questions to their state’s licensing officials.