Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (also referred to as COA) is the estimated total cost of education for a particular time period.  The tuition and fee amounts as well as lab fees and the RA kit fee are actual costs based on full-time enrollment and are charged by the school.  Any aid awarded to you will be applied to these charges first, and if there is a remaining credit balance after that, you will receive a credit balance refund to apply to other costs for that time period.  The other cost items such as room, board, transportation, miscellaneous, books & supplies, etc., are estimations based on average costs and are used as a benchmark in making financial aid awards.  Actual costs for living expenses and other items not charged by the school will vary from person to person and are not charged by the institution. The COA allowances are shown below.

2022-2023 Cost of Attendance Budgets

  Enrolled before 2022 FALL Enrolled before 2022 FALL Enrolled on or after 2022 FALL Enrolled on or after 2022 FALL
Terms Two Terms(9 months) Single Term(4 months) Two Terms(9 Months) Single Term (4 Months)
Tuition 13600 6375 14080 6600
Fees 1400 700 1400 700
Books / Supplies* 1500 750 1500 750
Room / Board* 8100 4050 8100 4050
Transportation* 1944 972 1944 972
Miscellaneous * 3132 1566 3132 1566
Lab Fees 500 250 550 275
RA Lab Kit  175 0 175 0
TOTAL 30351 14663 30881 14913

* indicates estimated costs; not charged directly by the College.