Educational Cremation Center

About the Educational Cremation Center (ECC)

Educational Cremation Center (ECC)
Educational Cremation Center exterior

A Transformational Facility

Educational Cremation Center – The educational cremation center is a state-of-the-art facility that is used in practical and hands-on training for students to learn how to give meaningful memorialization to the art of cremation as well all while learning the art and science of cremation and alkaline hydrolysis.

The ECC serves to educate students, licensed practitioners, and crematory operators through observation and participation in actual cremation and alkaline hydrolysis operations. The ECC delivers hands-on instruction while reinforcing dignity and respect for the deceased.

This facility features:

·        Witness Room and Slumber Bed – This room is utilized to help give students a firm understanding of the importance of spending time with a loved one who has passed away as well as best practices when families request to spend time with their loved one, prior to the cremation process taking place. This space also allows students the opportunity to gain knowledge surrounding the facilitation of witnessing the beginning of the cremation process.

·        Facultative Technologies III Cremator – The FTIII cremator is a state-of-the-art cremator that allows for the practical training of students in the process of cremation while maintaining a safe environment for students to learn.

·        Facultative Technologies Cremulator – The FT Cremulator is a modern machine used to demonstrate the practice of processing cremated remains using one of the safest methods of processing cremated remains.

·        Bioresponse PET-400 – The PET 400 is a new machine manufactured by Bioresponse. This machine is used in teaching students the science of alkaline hydrolysis, a newer and greener from of disposition, to prepare them for their future careers in funeral service. This machine can also be utilized in the instruction of the Pet Loss course.

The ECC is a transformational facility that is not offered at any other death care educational institution.  It includes the world's most advanced cremator, auto-loader, and dustless processing station.



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