A Transformational Facility


Our commitment to provide exceptional education is reflected in the new Educational Cremation Center (ECC), a cutting-edge enterprise that will take the college, our students, and our profession boldly into the future. The ECC will be a transformational facility that is not offered at any other death care educational institution. It will include the world's most advanced cremator, auto-loader, and dustless processing station. We are also expanding our curriculum to include pet loss care and alkaline hydrolysis. The ECC serves to educate students, licensed practitioners, and crematory operators through observation and participation in actual cremation and alkaline hydrolysis operations. The ECC will deliver hands-on instruction while reinforcing dignity and respect for the deceased.

The focus is to deliver improved education that will include ceremony, body preparation without embalming, and the use of a slumber bed with emphasis on:

  • identification
  • establishing chain of custody
  • agent authorizations
  • instruction in preparation and viewing of remains without embalming
  • the value of ceremony
  • client family participation to incorporate use of a viewing room with slumber bed

We believe this is the best way to prepare students and professionals for the changing needs of client families we serve.

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For naming rights for the ECC building or for internal rooms and labs, please contact CCMS President and CEO Jack Lechner, Jr. at (513) 761-2020,

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November 15-16, 2019
Gala and ECC ceremonial ground breaking weekend.

June 2020
Construction begins!

Sponsors and Partners

Thank you to our parters and sponsors!

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Facultatieve Technologies (FT USA) is partnering with us to provide the cremator, auto-loader, and dustless processing station. We are excited about partnering with FT USA because they are the manufacture of the world’s most advanced cremation systems. FT USA is not only providing the equipment but also access to the most advanced technical expertise in the world.

Scott Goodsell, G.H. FORBES Associates Architects has been the lead architect designer. Scott is a veteran of many funeral home and cemetery architectural projects and believes in our Educational Cremation Center so deeply that he is providing his services pro bono.

International Cemetery Crematory Funeral Association (ICCFA) will be partnering with us to design, market, develop, and implement a week-long Advanced Cremation Operations Program (ACOP) course for death care professionals. We have been so pleased with our working relationship with ICCFA providing the Cremation Operator Certification Program (COCP) for the past three years that it was a natural evolution to advance our valued partnership with ICCFA to the next level by introducing an Advanced Cremations Operations Program.

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