Bachelor of Mortuary Science Tuition

Program Tuition & Fees

$30,045 (excludes cost of textbooks)

The Bachelor of Mortuary Science academic program consists of 62 semester credit hours. The total cost for tuition and fees is calculated above. For convenience, you will find program cost breakdowns below by credit hour, fee, and semester.

Tuition & Fees Detail by Semester and Program Total


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Program Total

Credit Hours






Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour






Tuition Only Total






General Fee*






Clinical/Anatomy Lab Fee






R.A. Lab & Supply Fee



















Textbooks & Additional Recommended Supplies

$1,600 (estimated)

This academic program requires the use of specific college textbooks. An itemized listing by program, including ISBN, and pricing and purchase options is available on our website Cost will vary based on purchase preferences. 

When budgeting, you should consider other expenses that may be incurred at your discretion such as restorative cosmetics and instruments, and non-required study resources.

Special Fees

Special fees are assessed only where applicable. 

Transcript (per copy Official and Unofficial) $10

Duplicate Diploma (per copy Official and Unofficial) $10 

Course Audit (fee per credit hour) $75

Late Tuition Payment Fee (assessed per week after 3 weeks delinquent) $25 

Full-Time Enrollment Defined & Financial Aid

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science academic programs are structured for full-time attendance. The College and the Department of Education defines full-time enrollment as 12 or more credit hours taken in any one term. Students enrolled full-time are eligible for financial aid assistance (FAFSA). 

Part-time enrollment is defined as less than 12 credit hours per term. Part-time enrollment affects financial aid eligibility.

Tuition Payment

Tuition and fees are invoiced at the start of each semester and are payable by week three of that semester. Students receiving financial aid should work directly with the college Financial Aid Office. As awards are granted and applied, an updated account statement will be provided to the student electronically. Updated account statements will reflect applied credits and account balances. The Financial Advisor is available to consult with you in person or by email at Students will work directly with a FAFSA Advisor who specializes in student aid. 

Unpaid Tuition Balance

An unpaid tuition balance must be reconciled prior to each semester’s term end date as published on the Academic Calendar. Student accounts with an unpaid tuition balance at the published term end date will be placed on financial lock, limiting a student’s Populi access to grades and transcripts until the balance is paid in full. Students with unpaid tuition are not permitted to enroll into a subsequent term until payment has been reconciled. 

Delinquent tuition is subject to late fees and a 1.5% per month interest charge on all unpaid balances once a student is officially withdrawn/unenrolled from the College.

Tuition Refund Policy 

Students who withdrawal from enrollment will be refunded tuition based on the Tuition Refund Policy seen below: 

Withdrawal time frame

Refund %

Withdrawal within first calendar week


Withdrawal within second calendar week


Withdrawal within third calendar week


Withdrawal within or after the fourth calendar week


Tuition Schedule revised December 2020