CCMS offers two degree programs: the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) and the Bachelor of Mortuary Science (B.M.S.).

Below you will find our curriculum as well as a comparison of the degree programs based on length of program, transfer credits, and credits earned at CCMS. Learn more about our prerequisites or see course descriptions.

Semester I

(Required for A.A.S. & B.M.S.)

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC300 Social Aspects of Death and Dying   2
MGT315 Business Law and Ethics   3
MGT314 Funeral Service Management I   3
SCI318 Embalming Microbiology & Pathology   3
SCI316 Embalming Theory I   3
SCI317 Clinical Mortuary Practice I   1
  Total Semester I Credits   15

Semester II

(Required for A.A.S. & B.M.S.)

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC300 Professional Relationships in Funeral Service   2
MGT315 Restorative Art I   3
MGT314 Restorative Art I Lab   -
SCI318 Funeral Service Management II   3
SCI316 Historical to Contemporary Funeral Practices   3
SCI317 Cemetery & Cremation Fundamentals   2
SCI326 Embalming Theory II   3
SCI327 Clinical Mortuary Practice II   1
  Total Semester II Credits   17

Semester III

(Required for A.A.S. & B.M.S.)

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC331 Psychology of Grief   3
MGT334 Funeral Service Management III   3
SCI338 Restorative Art II   2
SCI338L Restorative Art II Lab   -
SCI336 Embalming Theory III   3
SCI337 Clinical Mortuary Practice III   1
MGT335 Mortuary Science Capstone   3
  Total Semester III Credits   15

Total A.A.S. credits - 47

Semester IV

(Required for B.M.S. Only)

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC442 Funeral Aftercare   1
SOC441 Death in Media and Literature   1
MGT443 Disaster Management   2
SCI446 Gross Anatomy   2
MGT444 Funeral Service Co-Op   6
MGT445 Funeral Service Seminar   3
  Total Semester IV Credits   15

Total B.M.S. credits - 62

Compare Our Programs

Program Associate of Applied Science Bachelor of Mortuary Science
Required Transfer Credits 30 Semester Credits 60 Semester Credits
Semesters in Program I, II, and III I, II, III, and IV
Length of Program 12 months (approx.) 16 months (approx.)
Credits Earned at CCMS 47 semester credits 62 semester credits
Minimum Total Credits
(Transfer + CCMS)
77 semester credits

122 semester credits