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Embalming During the Civil War with Todd Van Beck (Webinar) 

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This program is a must for all death care professionals! Learn how the American Civil War changed the way the United States cared for the dead and conducted funerals. This change was permanent and continues to this day.

A strange fact concerning the American Civil War is the belief that there would be no casualties. Wrong! When it was over, there were in excess of 666,000 Americans dead. As deaths began to occur during the early months of the war, the urgent question became “How do we care for all the casualties?” This program shares the rich history of our beloved profession and how the unexpected and tremendous casualties of the American Civil War influenced the way we preserve the dead through embalming and how we conduct funerals. It is an enjoyable journey that dives deep into the fascinating history of funeral service.


November 17th, 2022 


9:00 AM- 12:15 PM


Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science 

645 West North Bend Road 

Cincinnati, OH 45224 

CEU's: 3

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Todd Van beck


Todd Van Beck, Director of Professional Education, CCMS