Textbooks & Supplies

Refer to the Textbook Chart below for a comprehensive listing of all books and supplies students will need during their time at CCMS.  Incoming students will be provided with a print copy at Orientation. Please note that the chart is subject to change at CCMS' discretion.

Click here for Textbook Chart 

Revised January 2020


Where to get books

CCMS does not have an on-campus bookstore, so students have a number of options for purchasing or renting their textbooks:

  • Buy or rent from online bookstore eCampus
  • Buy or rent from any other online or physical store
  • CCMS library has textbooks for check out and reference
  • CCMS has small buy/sell program - see administration for details

There are several items that students WILL purchase at CCMS for the most discounted price:

  • Mortuary Law, 11th ($40) – Semesters I, II
  • Funeral Service Merchandising: an Intro Text for Students ($40) – Semester III