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ICCFA Crematory Operator & Certification Program - Live Webinar

Date and Location

May 25th, 2023 8:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

Live Webinar

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Poul Lemasters

Poul Lemasters Esq., Principal, Lemasters Consulting

Poul uses his unique background in both death care and law to provide resources and counsel to other death care professionals. He gets calls for assistance in risk management, daily operational conflicts, form and contract reviews, valuations, and regulatory matters. Basically, all the exciting issues our profession has to offer. Poul advises several funeral homes, crematory, cemetery, and trade associations across the United States. He is also the publisher of Parliament magazine. 


Larry Stuart, Jr., Founder, Cremation Strategies and Consulting

Larry Stuart, Jr. is the Founder of Cremation Strategies and Consulting, and the former President of Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc., a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced cremation equipment. Cremation Strategies and Consulting provides expert leadership, planning, organization, training, education, process improvement and strategic planning for the cremation profession. Throughout his experience Larry has seen firsthand the negative impact that poor crematory maintenance and improper operating procedures can bring about. Larry has written articles, developed cremation curriculum, and trained and certified thousands of cremation professionals across North America.