Code of Responsibility

President and Chief Executive Officer Code of Responsibility

The President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMS accepts this position with the willingness to subscribe to and be governed by the rules and regulations of the College as currently in effect, or, from time to time, put into effect by the appropriate authorities. The President and Chief Executive Officer reports to CCMS’ Board of Trustees.  He/she is also responsible to its students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the death care industry related to the College’s commitment to its mission and service to its constituency.  As a result, the Board of Trustees has developed a platform for members of the public at large, including students, staff, and faculty, to report any actions of the President and Chief Executive Officer that they believe violate this code.  The form for reporting such actions can be found on this page, below.

The Board of Trustees may take such complaints into consideration in its evaluation of the President and Chief Executive Officer.  Note that there is no formal process associated with these complaints, nor is there any right of the complaining party to a hearing or to an appeal of any decision made as a result of a complaint.  There may be times that the Board of Trustees designates certain representatives to engage in a fact finding process related to a complaint.  As such, the more detailed information a complaining party can provide, the better.  While a complaining party can remain anonymous, please understand that anonymity could impact the ability of the Board of Trustees to fully address a situation.  If the complaining party voluntarily waives his/her right to anonymity, you understand that you may be contacted by a representative of the Board of Trustees for additional information.

Reporting Person Contact Information

If you answer "yes," your name/contact information will not be associated with this report.

Incident Information

Time of incident (if known)

List any witnesses who were present or may be able to provide relevant information

Please provide specific, detailed information.

Certification & Signature

I hereby certify that the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.