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Jackson Funeral Chapel
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250 N. McKinley Ave.
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Craig Jackson
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$40,000 to $50,000
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1. **Education:** - Completion of a degree in mortuary science from an accredited mortuary school. - Meet all educational requirements for licensure as a funeral director in the relevant state. 2. **Licensing/Certification:** - Current or pending licensure as a funeral director in the state where the position is located. - Possession of all necessary certifications and licenses required by local and state regulations. 3. **Internship/Work Experience:** - For Interns: Prior completion or enrollment in a funeral service internship program. - For Licensed Directors: Minimum of [X] years of experience working as a licensed funeral director, preferably in a funeral home or related setting. - Hands-on experience with all aspects of funeral service, including embalming, preparation of deceased, and conducting funeral ceremonies. 4. **Customer Service Skills:** - Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to provide compassionate support to grieving families. - Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to effectively convey information and empathize with clients. 5. **Technical Skills:** - Proficiency in embalming techniques, including arterial embalming and cavity embalming. - Knowledge of funeral home operations, including arrangement planning, cremation procedures, and regulatory compliance. - Familiarity with funeral service software and administrative tasks such as managing paperwork, records, and documentation. 6. **Teamwork and Collaboration:** - Ability to work effectively as part of a team in a fast-paced, emotionally demanding environment. - Willingness to collaborate with colleagues, support staff, and external vendors to ensure the highest level of service for clients. 7. **Professionalism and Ethics:** - Adherence to ethical standards and professional codes of conduct in all interactions with clients, colleagues, and the community. - Commitment to maintaining confidentiality and treating all individuals with dignity, respect, and sensitivity. **Additional Qualifications (Preferred):** - Experience working with diverse communities and cultural practices related to funeral service. - Proficiency in additional languages beyond English, as appropriate for the local community demographics. - Continuing education or professional development courses related to funeral service and bereavement support.
Job responsibilities:
Join Our Compassionate Team as a Full-Time Funeral Director/Embalmer/Intern Are you a searching for a meaningful career in a close-knit community? Look no further! Our small-town funeral service provider takes immense pride in delivering specialized care to families during their most challenging times. With an annual case load ranging from 150-175 calls, we serve not only Jasper County but also the surrounding counties. Our locations in Rensselaer, DeMotte, and Wheatfield, Indiana, are beacons of support and comfort for those in need. We warmly invite you to explore our identity and discover the incredible career opportunities that await you at Jackson Funeral. For more information, please visit our website at or reach out to us at or call (219) 866-5123. Join us in making a difference when it matters most. Become a part of our compassionate team today.
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Email resume
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Benefits Health Insurance Retirement Plan Assistance with re-locating Paid Vacation Life-Work balanced schedule How to Apply Please forward your resume to or call (219) 866-5123
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