Not Your Grandfather’s Mortuary School

November 29, 2017

On-Site Clinical Facilities

The on-site lab facilities at CCMS are truly one of a kind. Designed specifically for our students, our three independent labs allow students to gain practical, hands-on experience. During their education, students get a chance to experience embalming, dissection, and restorative art first hand.

Each of the classes held in the labs are taught under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced faculty members. CCMS has partnered with funeral homes in Cincinnati as well as Cincinnati’s largest anatomical donation program.

In our Embalming Applications Lab, students familiarize themselves with personal safety practices, lab operations and organization, regulations and legal processes, instrumentation, chemicals, and removal and transfer of deceased human remains.

Our Anatomy & Dissection Lab is used by students in the B.M.S. program for Gross Anatomy (SCI446). In this lab, students learn gross anatomy with a focus on areas of the body that are of interest to the embalmer. Thanks to generous organ donors, our students gain hands-on experience studying human cadavers.

The Restorative Arts Lab is where students get to practice what they have learned in lectures. Students become prepared for implementation of real-life trauma and disfigurement restoration procedures. Students work with skeletal armature and restorative model wax to create the depiction of a face.

The practical hands-on experience our students gain in our labs is unmatched. As a result, our students graduate with an advantage over their competition due to their extensive practical learning.


Unique Learning Opportunities

By offering innovative courses, CCMS is able to prepare students, unlike any other mortuary science programs. Our programs include both unique and innovative classes as well as certifications to better prepare our students.

Featured Courses

CCMS offers a number of featured courses that are offered in very few other places. One such example is Cemetery & Cremation Fundamentals. As cremation rates continue to rise across the country, this course prepares students to have a greater understanding of the profession and prepare for the changing landscape.

One of the program highlights for our students is Mortuary Science Capstone. In this course, students get a hands-on experience serving a mock family from the first call to the final disposition. Students also complete an extensive review to prepare for the National Board Examination.


Our students receive extensive training from funeral service experts to assist in achieving certification. Certifications recognize the student has a valuable skillset and knowledge to effectively work in the death care profession. As part of our programs, student complete certifications in: Crematory Operations, Funeral Celebrant, and Mass Fatality Response.

Students in class

Tightknit Community

Each year, CCMS attracts students from across the United States. Our small class sizes mean you get to know your classmates. Our student body is comprised of about 40% male and 60% female students. Each of our students comes from a different background. This diversity offers students exposure to a broad perspective on life.

The campus is designed with students in mind. Our classrooms are spacious and bright. Hands-on learning is an important aspect of CCMS’ programs and our classrooms facilitate this. If you are looking for a place to study, the library features touchscreen computers and a wide array of resources to reference. Finally, our student lounge is a place to relax and socialize. It is equipped with a large flat screen television, DVD player, video game system, air hockey table, kitchenette, and much more.

Student Organizations

For students looking to make friends and get involved with their school, we offer several student organizations. Student organizations offer an opportunity to get involved with CCMS and contribute to planning social and educationally enriching events.

Students wishing to join a fraternity or sorority will be pleased to learn we have two charted groups associated with our school. Delta Gamma Pi is a sorority that maintains an informal atmosphere and helps promote awareness of female contributions to the funeral service profession. Alpha Tau Epsilon is a chartered professional and educational fraternity. The fraternity sponsors activities, a scholarship program, local field trips, and guest speakers during the year.

Student government is also an important aspect of CCMS. With each incoming class, a student body President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Class Representatives are elected. The student government is responsible for planning activities, participating in CCMS events, acting as ambassadors to guests to the college, and creating an inclusive environment for all of our students.

Students graduating

Real World Learning Experiences

While our state of the art facilities and expert faculty can set you up for success, nothing will quite prepare you like our funeral service co-op. This learning experience is part of the BMS curriculum and provides students with six weeks of practical hands-on experience in a funeral home offsite.

Completing a co-op placement provides students the opportunity to participate in the practice of actual funeral service under the guidance of dedicated funeral directors. Students may participate in: removals, preparations, dressing and casketing, arrangements, visitations, funerals, and office procedures.

For six weeks, you will get to work as a funeral professional and put into practice all of the valuable skills and knowledge you have developed at CCMS. In addition to the practical experience you can put on your resume, your co-op placement will allow you to network with funeral professionals and begin developing working relationships.

Students working

Join The New Wave of Funeral Service Professionals

The education and experience you will gain at CCMS is unlike any other mortuary school in the country. Through our innovative and hands-on approach, students learn like never before. Much like life, our programs are very different than they were thirty years ago. Our students are now better equipped to join the death care profession with a knowledge and confidence to ensure they succeed. CCMS is proud to have a graduation rate of 96% and an employment rate of 94%. Our students come out better prepared and with an advantage over their competition. That’s why more and more businesses seek out our students to join their teams.

If you’re interested in learning more about CCMS and how we can prepare you to succeed, please Schedule a visit, join us for an open house, or contact us.