Our Diverse Learning Experience

September 20, 2018

Many say that their high school years were the best years of their life. At CCMS, we consistently hear graduates say that their experiences here were by far “the best year of their life”. CCMS strives to make students’ time spent with us not only a diverse learning experience and foundation to a lifetime career, but also one that is enjoyable.

Something you’ll discover early on during your time here is the diverse and unique student population. That’s part of what makes CCMS such a special place. Although our students range in age and background, they all share in one common goal – to become the best funeral service professional possible.

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The CCMS Experience

The mortuary science programs we offer at CCMS are designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in death care. During your time with us, you’ll find that CCMS provides an education and experience unlike any other mortuary science program.

Hands on Learning

The hands on learning students receive in our clinical, restorative art, and gross anatomy labs is the foundation that makes them the most sought after practitioners in death care. Our labs provide students with unparalleled practical learning experiences in embalming, anatomy & dissection, and restorative art.

A Close-Knit Campus

The CCMS campus has always had a family-like atmosphere. Unlike other colleges, our small class sizes allow students to create a tight-knit community. Although our students come from a variety of backgrounds, our campus and program allow them to build bonds with their peers that last a lifetime.

Our campus provides students with opportunities to connect and network through student council, community outreach and professional enrichment programs, diversity and inclusion groups, sorority, and fraternity. However you choose to spend your time, you are sure to become a part of the CCMS community that helps us create such a diverse experience for students.

Experienced and Supportive Faculty

What truly sets CCMS apart from other schools is that our faculty is comprised of experts, including certified and licensed experts in funeral directing, embalming, cremation, and bereavement care. Their knowledge and expertise will go a long way in preparing you for a rewarding career in funeral service.

Learning from experienced professionals will help you become a successful practitioner, applying their insights and advice enhanced further by your own professional development.

A Diverse Student Population

A Diverse Student Population

Part of what makes CCMS so special is the diverse student population. While sharing the same goals and passion for funeral service, students range in age, background, and experience.

With small class sizes, not only will you know the names of everyone in your class, chances are you will build lifelong friendships along the way. Our students are very close and will become the ones you lean on for support and guidance along this journey, and for years to come as CCMS alumni.

You Should Be Here – Apply To CCMS

The education and experience you will gain at CCMS is unlike any other mortuary school in the country. We are Transforming Death Care Education through our innovative, hands-on approach.

If you’re interested in learning more about CCMS and how we can prepare you to succeed, please contact Admissions for more information.

Pam Donlon, Admissions Director