Victims of Violent Crime Awareness

September 25, 2018
Rachael Anderson, a 2016 alumna and member of our CCMS family

September is Victims of Violent Crime Awareness Month.

Each year on September 25, our nation recognizes our awareness for Victims of Violent Crime. On January 28, 2018, Rachael Anderson, a 2016 alumna and member of our CCMS family, had her life taken abruptly to an act of violence, just thirteen months after celebrating her graduation and earning her Bachelor of Mortuary Science degree. This day of awareness carries significant meaning to all those who grieve her.

Rachael joined the #CCMSfamily August 27, 2015, and was loved for her kind, humorous nature. She quickly befriended her peers and successfully saw her dreams come to fruition as she completed her education and set off to central Ohio to pursue an apprenticeship with Shaw-Davis Funeral Home. She was nearing the end of her apprenticeship at the time of her death.

To honor Rachael’s zest for life and passion for her chosen profession, CCMS established The Rachael Anderson Memorial Scholarship. Together with the Ohio Funeral Directors Association, funeral service professionals, and those who loved Rachael, we are pleased to have raised $7,500 to date. OFDA recently awarded $2,500 of the scholarship funds to a CCMS student who has not yet been announced. CCMS is working with Rachael’s family to create a $10,000 perpetual scholarship award that will be distributed to CCMS students who display the same zest and passion for funeral service as Rachael. Once finalized, we look forward to sharing how CCMS and the Anderson family will honor Rachael.

“Rachael had many passions throughout her life. First and foremost, her career!  She had a gift of compassion! She enjoyed dancing and socializing with family and friends. She loved children! She loved her Life! Rachael will always be remembered for her uniqueness, hard work, loving-kindness, joy, and infectious laughter. She had the ability to make a lasting impression on everyone she came in contact with and she could light up a room with her smile.” – Family of Rachael Anderson