What a CCMS Education Offers That Others Can’t

February 22, 2018
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science

At Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, we are proud to be a leader in funeral service education. While there are many reputable institutions across the country, none can match the level of training and learning experience we provide. Our rigorous curriculum exceeds American Board of Funeral Service Education professional accreditation standards and prepares students to be leaders in the funeral service profession. Choosing a CCMS education is one of the best decisions you can make for your career.

We are so confident that we are the best choice for you that we encourage you to Compare Us to any accredited mortuary science education program in the nation! 

Incomparable Hands On Experience

At CCMS, you learn by doing. Our onsite labs provide students with an unparalleled learning experience. The hands on experience at CCMS in embalming and restorative arts presents in excess of 500 opportunities for students to learn, which is part of the reason our graduates are the most sought after in the nation! 

In addition to our labs, the CCMS curriculum ensures that students receive hands-on learning in courses throughout their program. For example, our on-campus Product Display Room allows students to develop knowledge of service products in an environment designed to emulate the funeral home setting during courses such as Funeral Service Management. Our Mortuary Science Capstone course is the ultimate in hands-on experience, as students are provided human remains for which they are responsible to embalm, dress, casket, cosmetize, arrange and conduct funeral services. 

Internships and Real-World Learning

Bachelor of Mortuary Science students spend six weeks gaining comprehensive real-world experience in a licensed funeral home under the supervision of licensed mentors as part of their curriculum. This Co-op program helps students develop an understanding of all facets of funeral service first hand.   

This placement opportunity enhances graduate’s readiness and confidence as they prepare to serve in the death care profession, providing exceptional and compassionate service to families. 

Nationally Approved Degree Programs

CCMS has two degree programs that qualify graduates to seek licensure in any state! Our professionally accredited curriculum prepares students for success on National Board Examinations and meets education requirements in all states. 

Learn from the Best

“CCMS isn’t the best because we are the oldest – we are the oldest because we are the best.”

CCMS students receive instruction from actual death care professionals who have earned a range of professionally recognized credentials, licenses, and certifications. Students have at their disposal resources spanning decades of knowledge and experience!

  • Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmers
  • APFSP Certified Funeral Service Practitioners (CFSP)
  • NFDA and ICCFA Certified Crematory Operators
  • CANA Certified Cremation Arrangers
  • NFDA Certified Preplanning Consultants
  • ADEC Fellow in Thanatology
  • ADEC Certified in Thanatology
  • InSightTM Certified Funeral Celebrants
  • InSightTM Certified Celebrant Trainers
  • Certificate in Death and Grief Studies

(CCMS is the first and currently the ONLY program to include celebrant training as part of the curriculum.)

  • FEMA Licensed Mass Fatality Trainers
  • Medicolegal Death Investigator
  • Elected County Coroner 

As if the above list isn’t impressive enough…it doesn’t reflect the many additional resources student have available from the array of credentials held by our adjunct instructors and Board of Trustee professionals! 

Develop Professional Contacts and Build Long Lasting Friendships

As the oldest mortuary school in the United States, CCMS has spent the past 135 years perfecting our method. By keeping our class sizes small, students work closely to develop long lasting relationships with their faculty and peers. These connections will not only create friends for life but a network of professional contacts. 

CCMS graduates are employed across the nation. Many gain their employment from the networking opportunities presented while at CCMS – guest speakers – funeral home recruiters – professional education programs that integrate licensees with students – and visits to funeral service businesses.

Our alumni are a major contributor to our success and help to expand and strengthen student and graduate opportunities.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to learn more about the fully accredited programs we offer and how we are dedicated to every student’s success, please visit our Admissions page. See the wealth of resources including mortuary science prerequisites, testimonials, tuition, and financial aid/scholarship options or contact or 513-618-1926.

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