Our Alumni

Welcome to the CCMS Alumni resource page! CCMS has built an alumni base of nearly 7,000 since 1882.  Alumni are a big deal and an important part of our future, as well as the overall future of the Foundation for Mortuary Education. You can join us in continuing to support tomorrow’s future funeral service professionals through mentorship, foundation for mortuary education membership, donation of goods and services to the college academic or clinical programs, and much more!

Alumni Services

We’re here to serve you! Our Alumni Relations Coordinator is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alumni Records

Keep your contact information up to date, notify us of an alumni passing, or inquire about an alumni directory.

Continuing Education & Training

We stay informed so our alumni can turn to us for continuing education and training resources. Looking for CE opportunities, seeking specialized training or certifications, or have a hosting opportunity that we can help with? Search our continuing education resources or let us know how we can help you.

Support & Mentoring

Our alumni play an important role in the continuity of CCMS, the education foundation, and future funeral professionals. Your support is appreciated, whether through endowment donation, volunteering, or mentoring.