Continuing Education

Infant Embalming Techniques with Todd Van Beck

March 29, 2023

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

645 W. North Bend Rd.

Cincinnati, OH 45227

3 CEUs

Cost: $120

Many parents know well that there is no greater pain than the loss of a child at birth.  Approximately 35,000 newborn infants die annually in this country within the first 28 days of life.  Stated another way one neonatal death occurs every 15 minutes somewhere in the United States.  The good news is that our rapidly increasing technology has made life possible for thousands of babies who just a few short years ago would have had no chance for living.  We are saving more babies than in the past, but for bereaved parents, we continue to lose the battle against death’s companion, grief.  

The funeral professional must refresh and renew as new research continues. It is clear now that the work of sensitive and skilled embalmers is vital in meeting these very special needs.  We must not neglect this vitally important training area in the licensed funeral professional’s continuing education experience.

What the program will cover:

• A review of the Psychology of Grief with particular focus on the needs of the bereaved parent of a dead infant.

• Counseling techniques in speaking with a bereaved parent about the validity or the value, purpose and benefit of embalming the infant.  All advantages of such a decision will be addressed.

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