Before you apply

This Pre-Application Readiness Check for the AAS or BMS degree program is a free tool any high school graduate, first-time college student, or those currently enrolled in a college degree program who have NOT yet earned a college degree. Even if you hold a college degree, it is STRONGLY recommended that you   complete this Pre-Application Readiness Check prior to submitting the Application for Admission to ensure the Director of Admission can review your information to ensure you meet the very specific entrance requirements. Your Readiness Check will be review and you can expect outreach and guidance from us within 15 business days by email. Pre-Application Readiness Check - AAS or BMS Degree Program


Ready to apply?

If you have completed the above corresponding Readiness Check, or have chosen to bypass it because you meet entrance criteria, please proceed to the preferred program Application for Admission.

Degree Program - AAS or BMS Application

  • There is no application fee. 
  • When you click "Apply Now," you will be prompted to fill out your name and email.
  • You will then receive a verification email.  At that point, the application will open. 
  • Your application will auto save with every change you make.
  • You may leave the application at any time without submitting it. To return to your application, use the link provided in the verification email.

Apply now for AAS or BMS Degree Program

After you apply

  • After you’ve submitted your application, our admissions team will review your information and be in touch. 
  • Accepted students will be directed to submit the "confirmation deposit", which is credited to the student's semester one tuition.