Associate of Applied Science Tuition

Program Tuition & Fees

$24,815 (excludes cost of textbooks)

The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (“CCMS”) Associate of Applied Science degree program is a three-semester fully accredited* academic program delivered sequentially over twelve months. This Tuition Schedule & Refund Policy, along with estimated costs of attendance, is available at and effective for new enrollments beginning Fall 2024.

For a Semester-by-Semester breakdown, Click Here. 

Textbooks & Additional Recommended Supplies

1,500-$2,000 (estimated)

This academic program requires the use of specific college textbooks. An itemized list of required and recommended textbooks as well as purchase options may be found on the CCMS website. Cost will vary based on the purchaser’s preference. When budgeting, you should consider other expenses that may be incurred at your discretion such as restorative cosmetic supplies and instruments, and non-required study resources. Estimated expense for textbook & discretionary supplies is $1,500 - $2,000

Full-Time Enrollment Defined & Financial Aid 

CCMS academic programs require full-time enrollment and regular attendance. CCMS and the Department of Education define full-time enrollment as twelve or more credit hours taken in any one term. Students enrolled full-time are eligible for financial aid assistance (FAFSA).

Part-time enrollment is defined as less than twelve credit hours per term. Part-time enrollment impacts eligibility of financial aid.

Tuition Payment

Tuition and fees are due in full no later than the first day of each semester, as seen on the published Academic Calendar. The CCMS Academic Calendar is available at Tuition, fees, financial aid awards and disbursements are viewable in the student’s Populi account Financial dashboard. Enrollment in a CCMS program or any course includes, as a condition, good financial standing under this policy.

Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the college and Board of Trustees. Increases are

applicable to current and new enrollment unless otherwise specified. CCMS and the Office of Financial Aid strives to assist students with options where their financial situation may affect their ability to pay tuition by the due date, however it is the student’s responsibility to successfully establish communication with the appropriate administrator prior to a payment deadline to avoid unenrollment for nonpayment of tuition.

As a courtesy, one calendar week grace period may be granted for special circumstances within which a nonnegotiable late fee of $100 will be incurred. Non-payment of tuition and fees by the end of calendar week two of any semester may result in automatic withdrawal from an academic program.

Tuition is paid using the Financial tab in the student Populi dashboard (“Make a Payment”). Payment is accepted using electronical check (no fee) or by credit card (4% fee applies). Students may also share the “Someone Else Paying” url payment link provided under the payment button with a third-party that allows direct payment by that party such as a parent, partner, or employer (no username, password, or access to Populi required.) Payment by physical check on campus is also accepted. Students receiving financial aid should communicate directly with the CCMS Office of Financial Aid at regarding FAFSA, accepted and declined aid, scheduled and disbursed awards, or any other federal, state, or private aid and loans. Scheduled aid disbursed is reflected and easily viewable in the student Populi Financial dashboard.

Delinquent Tuition Balance

An unpaid tuition balance may result in non-enrollment, financial lock of a student’s Populi account, and no access to grades, courses, and transcripts. Official transcripts and degrees will not be certified or issued for any student/graduate having an outstanding tuition balance. Delinquent tuition is subject to a 1.5% accruing monthly interest charge.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students may withdrawal from a CCMS academic program and be refunded tuition under the provided

Withdrawal Deadlines for Tuition Refund. Failure to comply with the College’s published Attendance Policy may

result in automatic withdrawal. Failure to submit a completed Academic Withdraw Request Form to the Registrar prior to the end of week three of classes will result in forfeiture of all incurred tuition expenses.

Formal withdrawal from an academic program must be completed in consultation with the Registrar, Academic

Chair, and Dean in compliance with college policy and publication requirements. Withdrawal from an academic program may affect or cancel any financial assistance a student is receiving. Students receiving financial assistance must contact the CCMS Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawal.

Students who withdrawal from enrollment will be refunded tuition based on the Tuition Refund Policy seen below: 

Withdrawal time frame

Refund %

Withdrawal during Academic Calendar Week One


Withdrawal during Academic Calendar Week Two


Withdrawal during Academic Calendar Week Three


Withdrawal after Academic Calendar Week Three


Tuition Schedule revised March 12, 2024