The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science curriculums have been designed to provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your education, your career and, ultimately, your life as a funeral service professional. Degrees and certificates are only presented to students who have successfully completed their program requirements. Failure to meet these requirements will result in your degree or certificate to not be awarded.

To be considered for graduation, you must verify that you have completed the following requirements:


  1. Cumulative CCMS GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  2. Completion of the clinical case requirements. (Must be completed before final exam week of third semester).
  3. Completion of the funeral directing requirements. (Completed according to deadlines communicated by faculty throughout the program. All must be met before final exam week of third semester.)
  4. Be in good financial standing with CCMS.
  5. Successful completion of CCMS curriculum for the particular degree earned (grade for each course must be a “D or better”).
  6. Each student must take the CCMS Comprehensive Exams (Comps) to earn an Associate degree. If a student fails the CCMS Comprehensive Exams, they are allowed to retake the exams once.
  7. After the student has completed the items outlined in points 1-6 above, the student will be eligible to receive the Associate Degree, and can then be released to take the National Board Exam.
  8. Each student intending to continue on to the BMS program must complete/earn the AAS degree.
  9. Students must complete an exit interview with the President to earn the AAS and/or BMS degree.
  10. Students must complete their degree within 24 months of enrolling or reapply for admission.


It is your responsibility to be aware of current requirements and to frequently consult with an academic advisor about your progress toward completing them. Contact us today with any questions regarding your program requirements and to see if you are on the right track to meeting them.

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