A.A.S. Curriculum 

Semester I

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC311 Social Aspects of Death and Dying   2
MGT315 Business Law and Ethics   3
MGT314 Funeral Service Management I   3
SCI318 Embalming Microbiology & Pathology   3
SCI316 Embalming Theory I   3
SCI317 Clinical Mortuary Practice I   1
  Total Semester I Credits   15

Semester II

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC322 Professional Relationships in Funeral Service   2
SCI328 Restorative Art I   3
SCI328L Restorative Art I Lab   -
MGT324 Funeral Service Management II   3
SOC321 Historical to Contemporary Funeral Practices   3
MGT323 Cemetery & Cremation Fundamentals   2
SCI326 Embalming Theory II   3
SCI327 Clinical Mortuary Practice II   1
  Total Semester II Credits   17

Semester III

Course No. Course Title   Course Credits
SOC331 Psychology of Grief   3
MGT334 Funeral Service Management III   3
SCI338 Restorative Art II   2
SCI338L Restorative Art II Lab   -
SCI336 Embalming Theory III   3
SCI337 Clinical Mortuary Practice III   1
MGT335 Mortuary Science Capstone   3
  Total Semester III Credits   15
  Total A.A.S. credits   47


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Last Updated July 19th,2022.