B.M.S. Certifications

All students receive specialized training from national industry *experts as part of the curriculum.

Crematory Operations

B.M.S. graduates emerge certified in cremation operations, along with extensive knowledge of the practices and procedures that will help them best serve families and reduce the risk of litigation for a firm.

Why is certification imperative? Cremation is the fastest growing market in funeral service, with rates approaching nearly 50%. Nearly two dozen states already require crematory operators hold certification. Service professionals must be equipped with the knowledge and skill set to guide a family through the array of service and tribute options available today.

Funeral Celebrant

B.M.S. students earn the distinction as InSight Certified Funeral Celebrants after receiving intense training and certification from our faculty licensed InSight trainers. CCMS is the first, and currently only mortuary science school, to offer this training and certification as part of the bachelor curriculum.

Why is certification an advantage? Celebrants are becoming increasingly popular in today’s diverse communities, including those families who opt for a secular tribute without a clergy officiant.  Graduates emerge prepared to offer funeral and memorial services, or tributes that are personalized and individualized to reflect the personality and life-style of the deceased. Celebrants coordinate directly with families and through funeral homes to provide these services.

Mass Fatality Response

B.M.S. students are trained and certified by licensed instructor FEMA trainers in incident management, mass fatalities, response planning operations before and during an incident, establishing a morgue, and family assistance support operation to assist state and local personnel and agencies with mass fatality (G386 Mass Fatality). The FEMA approved course is designed to prepare and certify students to assist as responders in local mass fatality response planning.

Why is certification an advantage? Certified as responders, the specialized training is invaluable to local and state personnel and agencies. The skill set developed also aids in assisting a community through direct work with survivors during an emergency or disaster.