B.M.S. Featured Courses

CCMS offers a number of unique educational opportunities. Below are just a few classes that are designed to give B.M.S. graduates an edge over the competition.

Clinical Mortuary Practice

Semesters I, II, III

CCMS’ on-site Clinical Lab gives our students an advantage over the competition. Students have lab once/week in Semesters I-III, where they learn the hands-on application of theories covered in Embalming Theory I-III. Our partnership with the U.C. Anatomical Department means we have a constant supply of donors for our students. In addition, students participate in removals throughout Cincinnati.

Cemetery & Cremation Fundamentals

Semester II

CCMS is one of the only mortuary science schools that offers a course in cremation. Students study the role cemeteries and crematories play within the death care industry, considering historical and current perspectives. The science and statistics behind interment and cremation are presented to provide a greater understanding as to how the funeral industry may better adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.

Mortuary Science Capstone

Semester III

The capstone course provides students with hands-on experience in serving a mock bereaved family from the first call through final disposition.  Included are embalming and cosmetics, dressing and casketing, arranging, funeral directing, and preparing the required forms and paperwork.  In addition, there is extensive review of prior course material in preparation for the National Board Examination.

Funeral Service Co-op

Semester IV 

The Funeral Service Co-op provides six weeks of practical experience in an off-campus funeral home setting. Students participate in: removals, preparations, dressing and casketing, arrangements, visitations, funerals, and office procedures. The student, the funeral home, and the college enter into a tri-party relationship in which each must accept responsibility for the co-op experience. The goal of this relationship is to provide the student an opportunity, under academic supervision, to participate in the actual practice of funeral service.