Graduation & Commencement

2016 Commencement dates

December 17, 2016 (Spring 2016-17 cohort)

2017 Commencement dates

August 12, 2017 (Fall 2016-17 cohort)

December 16, 2017 (Spring 2017-18 cohort)


Commencement fees are covered by the “general fee” you pay each semester, which include your graduate cap, gown, and tassel and up to ten guest graduation tickets to attend the ceremony.  Please see below for additional information about caps/gowns and guest tickets.

Things to do before commencement

Cap and gown
Graduate packages (cap, gown, tassel) will be provided to each student, based on the size you specified when completing your Student Enrollment Guide forms. Please arrange to hang and steam your gowns prior to the Commencement.

Guests are welcome to attend and celebrate with students. Your instructors will provide details.

Herff Jones Graduation Services offers custom graduation announcement for CCMS students. All products will be delivered to campus approximately one month before graduation or to your specified address. Don’t wait to order until the last minute!

Class rings
Herff Jones Graduation Services will be on campus well in advance of Commencement. Students will be notified of the scheduled visit. They provide samples of class rings and sizers to ensure your ring will fit properly.  You are also invited to visit their Graduate Service’s office or order online.


Students are required to attend commencement rehearsal, which is held the week prior to the ceremony. You will receive information about rehearsal from your instructors.

Dress code

Please arrive at the venue dressed in your cap and gown. Caps should be placed with the point facing forward and the tassel hanging to the right until the symbolic conferring of degrees. You must wear your cap and gown in order to participate in the ceremony. Decorating your cap/gown prior to the ceremony is not allowed.

For Women: It is recommended that you wear comfortable, practical footwear.

For Men: It is recommended that you wear solid-colored shirts with a collar, dark trousers, socks, and dress shoes.

Location and parking

The commencement ceremony is usually held in the auditorium of St. Xavier High School, directly across the street from CCMS. Graduates and their guests may park anywhere in St. X’s lot, though guests may want to consult the parking lot map. Your instructors will inform you if the ceremony will be held at another location.

Before the ceremony

Latin Honors cords will be distributed upon arrival to those students earning the distinction.

Details of arrival time and ceremony time will be provided during rehearsal the week prior to commencement.  Students should arrive and assemble in the designated graduate area by the scheduled time.

Plan to have your guests keep your personal belongings until after the ceremony.

Instruction will be given for graduates to assemble alphabetically in the designated area approximately 30 minutes prior to processing into the auditorium.


The Processional will begin promptly at 10:00am.

After the Recessional, graduates will return to the auditorium for class photos.

After the ceremony

Graduation packet
Pick up your packet in the designated classroom at CCMS. The packet contains important information for students graduating with the A.A.S. degree as well as for students continuing on to the B.M.S. program.

Following the ceremony, graduates and their guests are invited to CCMS for refreshments in the student lounge. You may drive to CCMS or walk if you prefer. Your vehicle may remain in St. X’s lot.


The conferring of degrees at the ceremony is provisional, pending verification that degree requirements have been met. Diplomas will be mailed to the address you indicated on your graduation sheet approximately one month post-commencement.

What is the difference between commencement and graduation?

Commencement ceremonies are held annually in August and December, in which the achievement of the degree is recognized and celebrated by the CCMS community and the students’ friends and family.

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree. See graduation requirements for details.