Textbooks & Supplies

Books you will need

Refer to the Textbook Chart below for a comprehensive listing of all books and supplies students will need during their time at CCMS.  Incoming students will be provided with a print copy at Orientation. Please note that the chart is subject to change at CCMS' discretion.

Chart revised September 2019.

Where to get books

CCMS does not have an on-campus bookstore, so students have a number of options for purchasing or renting their textbooks:

  • Buy or rent from online bookstore eCampus
  • Buy or rent from any other online or physical store
  • CCMS library has textbooks for check out and reference
  • CCMS has small buy/sell program - see administration for details

There are several items that students WILL purchase at CCMS for the most discounted price:

  • Mortuary Law, 11th ($40) – Semesters I, II
  • Funeral Service Merchandising: an Intro Text for Students ($40) – Semester III
  • Wax armature kit for Restorative Art ($110) – Semesters II, III
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