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Statistics & Outcomes

The Statistics & Outcomes page collects data on National Board Exam scores, college graduation rates, employment rate, and student-faculty ratios.

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*Timely graduation = complete program in 1½ times designated program length.

**Left before completing the program; did not finish.

CCMS calculates employment rate according to the following definition approved by the Higher Learning Commission: the percentage of graduates eligible and seeking an apprenticeship who actually obtain one.  Excludes students unable/not willing to relocate, along with those pursuing additional education, another career or military service.  According to this definition, in 2018 CCMS had an employment rate of 93%.

Student-Faculty Ratios


Year Ratio*
2018 15
2017 19
2016 19
2015 15


*As calculated in IPEDS and reported to The Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association in the Annual Institutional Data Update. As required by both, calculation involves an academic rather than a calendar year (i.e. July 1-June 30).