When was CCMS established?
The institution that would become known as the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science was established in 1882, making us the oldest school of our kind. Read more about our history.

Is CCMS accredited?
Yes, we are fully accredited by the ABFSE and the Higher Learning Commission. Read more about our accreditation.

How does your accreditation benefit me?
Our accreditation means that our curriculum is held to certain standards and that the credits you earn at CCMS are transferable to any other college or university. Read more about our accreditation.

What are your most recent National Board Exam pass rates?
Rates can be found on our statistics page. Pass rates for other mortuary science schools can be found on the ABFSE’s website.

How can I find out more about funeral service?
Try the Funeral Service section of our website. Other excellent sources are the National Funeral Directors Association and state associations.

What kind of careers will CCMS prepare me for?
Our mortuary science curriculum prepares students to be funeral directors/embalmers. Alumni have also gone on to careers in after care, pre-need, hospice, crematories, cemeteries, and tissue banks.

What kind of jobs are available for students?
CCMS employs students in a variety of jobs on campus. Many of our students also live or work in area funeral homes during their time at CCMS. Once you are accepted to CCMS, you will be provided with a list of funeral homes that regularly take on student workers.

What is the Education Foundation?
The Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education is the governing body of CCMS. Read more about the Foundation or become a member.

Where is CCMS located? 
We are located at 645 W North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45224. See maps and directions here.

How can I support CCMS?
Visit our support page for information on how you can make donations to CCMS.