Embalming Applications Lab

About the Embalming Applications Lab
Students participate in hands-on learning under the direction of licensed clinical faculty in the Embalming Applications Lab. Instructors will familiarize students with personal safety practices, lab operations and organization, regulations and legal processes, instrumentation, chemicals, removal and transfer of deceased human remains, disinfection and preparation, and embalming operations.

Embalming Applications Lab Schedule
Students begin their clinical practice in semester I with Clinical Mortuary Practice I (CMP I) and continue throughout their tenure.  Each student is assigned to a lab group prior to each term, consisting of 5-10 of their peers who have varying degrees of experience. Group sizes are determined by enrollment and each group works collectively during their assigned weekly lab time. Students must complete a minimum of 30 clinical operations in order to meet graduation requirements. Ample opportunity typically exists for students to exceed the amount of required embalming operations via volunteer opportunities.

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