About CCMS

Library Mission


The library’s mission is to support the learning, research, and instructional needs of CCMS students and faculty. To accomplish this, the library commits to:

  • Understand the academic needs of its users
  • Build and maintain a collection that supports those academic needs
  • Promote the library’s resources to students, faculty, staff, potential students, visitors, and the broader library community
  • Create a welcoming environment for study, research, and learning
  • Provide access to technology that enhances learning and research


In addition to supporting the CCMS curriculum, the library seeks to:

  • Expand the library’s holdings to include formats such as audio books, e-books, and digitized historical mortuary science texts
  • Provide access to emerging technologies and learning opportunities
  • Promote lifelong learning, information literacy, and critical thinking
  • Offer technology classes and one-on-one training


The CCMS library upholds the following principles:

The CCMS library offers equitable access to information, ideas, and creative works for all its users.

Intellectual freedom
The CCMS library encourages its users to explore ideas without fear of judgment from library staff. The library respects the diversity of opinions, cultures, and beliefs of its users.

Lifelong learning
The CCMS library seeks to instill in students a sense of the importance of learning in all stages of life, even after formal schooling has ended.

Confidentiality and privacy
The CCMS library regards all circulation and reference transactions as confidential and will not share this information with third parties, unless given express permission by the library patron in question or as required by law.

Library Bill of Rights
The CCMS library also supports the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.