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Library Policies

Circulation Policy 

Checking out items

To check out an item, simply bring it to the Library Director. Not all items in the collection are permitted to circulate, see Circulation Cheat Sheet below for details. CCMS students, faculty, and staff may check out circulating materials. Alumni and visitors may utilize library resources on-site, but may not check out items.

Returning items

Items should be handed to the Library Director during normal business hours. If the Library Director is not available, or if returning after-hours, items may be returned via the book return bin in the library or given to another staff member. All library materials must be returned prior to a student leaving CCMS for any reason, including Co-op, graduation, or withdrawal.

Renewing items

Items that have a hold on them may not be renewed. After a student has renewed an item the maximum number of times allowed, the item must be entered back into circulation for a period of at least 1 day before it can be checked out again by the same student. See Circulation Cheat Sheet below for more details.

Placing holds 

Students may place a hold on an item that is checked out or in processing. Holds can be placed via Populi or by consulting the Library Director.

Lost items

Items not returned in a reasonable amount of time are automatically marked lost in Populi and are charged to the student’s account. The cost will be determined by a number of factors, including current retail price, historic value, etc. See Circulation Cheat Sheet below for information on when items are marked lost in the system.

Damaged items

If a student returns an item that is damaged beyond the reasonable wear and tear expected of circulating materials, the student will be charged the replacement cost. The cost will be determined by a number of factors, including current retail price, historic value, etc.

Circulation Cheat Sheet 

Refer to the cheat sheet for information on which items you may check out, loan periods, renewals, hold length, when an item is considered "lost," etc.

Click here for Circulation Cheat Sheet

COVID-19 may affect circulation policies. Check with the library director (library@ccms.edu) for the latest.

Library Use Policy 

In order to maintain a safe environment conducive to study, all users are prohibited from engaging in the following activities in the library:

  1. Eating food or drinking uncovered beverages in the library. 
  2. Possessing alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, or weapons
  3. Behaving in an abusive, sexual, or harassing manner
  4. Stealing library materials or the private property of staff, students, faculty, or visitors
  5. Selling, soliciting, panhandling, or loitering on library property
  6. Being intoxicated or impaired
  7. Emitting strong body odors that interfere with or disrupt others from using the library
  8. Using furniture, library equipment, and facilities in a manner for which they were not intended
  9. Duplicating or distributing copyrighted materials outside the guidelines of academic fair use
  10. Accessing pornographic materials
  11. Violating the terms of the Information Technology Usage Policy
  12. Engaging in any behavior that disrupts other library users
  13. Any other action deemed inappropriate by the Library Director, staff, or faculty

Any breach of these policies will be considered a violation of the student code of conduct.